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  • China will become the world's third largest titanium industry


    Developed by the experts in Yunnan, plasma high temperature separation of titanium aluminum mine technology has recently been successful. This technology will completely end titanium rich raw materials in Yunnan sell only the history of the Chinese to become the world's third largest titanium indust Read More

  • The new technology of casting and forging milling technology breakthrough of metal 3D printing


    In late November, titanium and titanium alloy industry working group in Shaanxi, Baoji, organized a number of backbone enterprises in Baoji Titanium Industry Association, the promotion of the use of titanium in the domestic life and other fields were investigated. The research group visited the nati Read More

  • Titanium Scientific research strength


    The company has the domestic first-class skilled operation technology of titanium and titanium alloy smelting and processing of high-quality workforce, a group of master the key technology of titanium processing professional and technical personnel, a group can solve the major technical problems of Read More

  • Titanium resources to the advantage of the industrial chain


    Characteristics of titanium resource reserves and make it become an important alternative to metal materials: titanium is the most prominent is the two major advantages of high specific strength and corrosion resistance, which determines the necessity of titanium in aerospace, weapons and equipment, Read More

  • Titanium and titanium alloys


    Control technology with titanium and titanium alloy, zirconium and zirconium alloy and other rare large active metal ingot composition automation, clean and uniform, the automatic weighing system and mixed cloth - international advanced smelting system, with more than 8000 tons / year of high-qualit Read More

  • Titanium Element use


    The strength of titanium and titanium - tensile strength up to 180kg/mm. The strength of some steels is higher than that of titanium alloy, but the specific strength (tensile strength and density ratio) of titanium alloy is higher than that of high quality steel. Titanium alloy has good heat resista Read More

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