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About Us

Baoji Leabon Special Metals Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It shares high-quality industry resources and information via strong comprehensive strength of  " Titanium City of China " industrial cluster, we’re providing competitive products and good service to satisfying customers on domestic and international markets.

The company specialized in manufacturing titanium seamless tube, welded pipe, containers, castings, forgings, standards as well as plates, bars, wire with rare metal materials of titanium、nickel、zirconium etc.

Heat Exchang and Condenser Tube

Titanium Tube and titanium alloy Tube, Nickel Tube and nickel alloy tube,Zirconium tube, Tantalum tube, Tungsten tube, Molydbenum tube, etc..

Titanium Round Bar and Titanium Hexagon Bar

We can offer Titanium round bars, square bars, hexagon bars of different materials.

Titanium Wire

Various of titanium and titanium alloy such as welding wire, jig wire, ERTi-, etc.. coiled as well.

Titanium Welded Tube

Gr2 Titanium Welded pipe, tubing 

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